Stress Less Drink Holder - 1 pack

Stress Less Drink Holder holding coffee mug with slots for handles.

"Relax More. Worry Less." Perfect for your home, office or patio!

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  • Fits different types of containers, is sturdy and dishwasher-safe.
  • Coaster rim helps you locate drink and contains any spills.
  • Handy Holder is perfect for condiments, spoons, napkins or even phones!
  • Invented by a legally blind engineer.
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$ 14.95

Video: Does this happen to you or a loved one?

Click on the video below...does this happen to you? Do you or someone you know tip over drinks?   Tired and frustrated with cleaning up spills?

Problem Solved with the Stress Less Drink Holder!

 [photo image: Man sitting at kitchen table and reaching for coffee mug. And then...oops! It's knocked over.]

The Stress Less Drink Holder was created for the visually impaired but it is great for anyone who wants to protect beverages from accidentally being knocked over. Created by a retired engineer who is legally blind, his mission is to help others living with vision loss.  Click here to order or scroll down to the video below to hear about the benefits of the Stress Less Drink Holder and why it's so helpful. [Photo image: man at table showing versatility of different size cups and mugs.]

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Thank you for visiting my website!  Ken
Legally blind inventor of the Stress Less Drink Holder and guide dog, Lucca
[Photo Image: KA Adapative Founder & Guide Dog for the Blind Alum with his guide dog (white Labrador), Lucca]